Our Story

Welcome to Husband PSA!
I'm Isaac Rochell, founder and proud husband. I’m so glad you’re here!
In the summer of 2023, HPSA was born with a mission to create a community that catered to husbands and addressed relationships in there entirety. It came from a place of personal passion that I had in my own marriage and life as I started to become more aware of what defined a “husband” in my everyday life. Today, HPSA has become that and SO much more and we are ecstatic to expand our community to ALL relationships!
Building and nurturing HPSA is a source of immense pride for me and at the core is my deep appreciation and love for my marriage. While my personal journey has been marked by notable achievements including an NFL career and a social media presence, nothing is possible without my partner in crime and best friend - my wife Allie.
As we all know, relationships present their fair share of ups and downs. Nobody is perfect. Finding solace in the fact that others are also navigating similar obstacles and enjoying equally remarkable experiences can make the journey that much better. We tend to seek advice, guidance, and even compassion from communities we TRUST and confide in. That’s where HPSA comes in! 
While we continue to expand, I promise to keep this community REAL with authenticity and genuine love for everyone who wishes to be part of it. We will not by any means turn into something unrecognizable like many communities have unfortunately become today. It's crucial to me that HPSA retains its realism because that's who we are and always will be.
Thank you so much for your support! Please continue to engage with our social platforms and email list. There’s a lot more to come!
P.S. If you're eager to take a more active role in our community, please reach out to HPSA using the form on our 'Contact Us' page found in the below footer. Your involvement is valued and welcomed.
With love,
Isaac Rochell